Webinar: FEA and simulation for CAD users


Do you make FEM analyses and simulations using your CAD software? Do you experience your results are not valid? Would you like to make it better?

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In this webinar FEA Specialist Henrik Møller demonstrates:

  • Small and quick FEM calculations based on CAD geometry
  • Fast design iterations that will improve your throughput
  • How do you determine loads and boundary conditions
  • Design validation and functionality
  • Material and geometric non-linearity

Use this opportunity to get answers to any questions you may have. Henrik Møller will be happy to help.

This review is based on MSC One, which is a competitive alternative to other major FEM packages.


The webinar is aimed at designers and engineers who develop analysis in CAD tools.


30 min. plus Q&A


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Henrik Møller
Application Engineer I FEA Specialist
T: +45 23 22 78 04
M: E-mail