Webinar: Get more out of MSC Adams


In this webinar, we explore two tools that can be used to investigate, understand and optimize a system modelled in Adams.

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FEA specialist Henrik Møller will demonstrate the following two tools.

1) Adams Insight

Insight opens the possibility for making DoE (Design of Experiments) on models in Adams. Henrik Møller demonstrates how you better can design robust products by planning a virtual experiment with Adams Insight. In addition, you get insight on what parameters have the greatest impact on a product's performance.

Additionally, you will see how to control other applications, such as Patran or MSC Nastran through Adams Insight.

2) Adams Explorer

Explorer allows you to execute and perform Adams analyses directly in Excel.
After the model is created and published, we demonstrate how everyone can open Excel and send simulations to a queue. From Excel, status updates are obtained, and the results are loaded automatically when the simulation is complete.

This is a smart way to get people without Adam's skills to use simulation in the design phase.

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The webinar is aimed at designers and engineers who would like to get more out of Adams.


30 min. + Q&A.


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Henrik Møller
Application Engineer | FEA Specialist
T: +45 23 22 78 04
M: E-mail