Webinar: Simulation of Additive Manufacturing in Metal


Due to cost of materials one of the challenges in metal printing is to print right first time - also called "First Time Right".

With simulation you can overcome trial and error printing and save time and costs.

Sign up | Febuary 21th @ 14:00

In this webinar, Henrik Møller, FEA Specialist, will demonstrate how to simulate and correct errors before printing a product.

In this webinar we will go though:

  • What is Additive Manufacturing in metal?
  • How can I ensure that the print will be right first time?
  • How are predictions and reductions made?
  • How are residual stresses predicted and reduced?

The features are reviewed in Simufact Additive from MSC Software.


This webinar is aimed at anyone who works with or is interested in Additive Manufacturing (3D Print) in metals.


We have donated 30 min. to the webinar. After the webinar, you are welcome to ask questions.


Sign up  Your participation is free of charge.


Henrik Møller
Application Engineer | FEA Specialist
T:+45 23 22 78 04