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All physics simulations in one place.

Create reliable and accurate digital twins with a complete suite of physics simulation software products including solutions for structural simulation and analysis, fatigue, computational fluid dynamics, acoustic and NVH simulation and multiphysics co-simulation.

  • Cradle CFD
  • Actran
  • CAEFatigue
  • Dytran
  • MSC Nastran
  • Marc
  • MSC Apex
  • MSC CoSim

System Dynamics

Dynamic system simulation must consider complex multibody interactions. Hexagon’s system dynamics solutions offer system-level insight into movement, enabling CAE-led development of complex products with reduced prototyping and enhanced collaboration through workflows with other Hexagon and third-party tools.

  • Adams
  • Adams Modeler
  • Easy5
  • Romax
  • Elements

Virtual Manufacturing

Hexagon solutions simulate entire metal manufacturing process chains, including metal forming, welding and joining and additive manufacturing (AM). Our costing solutions establish target costs early in design to improve material utilization, reduce weight and minimize tooling development times.

  • Simufact Forming
  • Simufact Welding
  • FTI FormingSuite
  • Simufact Additive
  • MSC Apex Genative Design
Digital Materials

Digital Materials

Empowered by synergistic integrated computational material engineering (ICME) and modelling, data management and artificial intelligence capabilities, Hexagon’s materials autonomy solutions ensure the ability to meet the evolving needs of new markets and drive sustainable product design.

  • Digimat
  • MaterialCenter

Simulation Governance

  • MaterialCenter
  • SimManager

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning


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