MSC One Updated - better features, higher value


We believe that on the other side of the Corona pandemic there will be a need for new and sustainable products. To help you develop these products, MSC One has just been updated to give you even more value for money.

With the latest update of MSC One, you will get access to the MSC Learning Center already with the Start Edition (SE) and here you can download courses and summer reading for simulation nerds.
Similarly, with MSC One SE you can now get access to the professional CFD solution "Cradle" using less Token. For less than 10.000 euro yearly you can run CFD with 4 cores or get access to FEM, MBD or acoustic analyses, if you need this. A powerful solution for small or mid-size companies with a need for multiple analysis.


New MSC One Extented Edition (XT)

With MSC One(XT), you can get extended access to an even wider range of tools.
These tools are:

  • MSC Apex Generative Design - please watch webinar for more info.
  • CAEFatigue - A new CAEFatique under MSC One. CAEFatigue is a general standalone fatigue program that can use data from various FEM programs such as Abaqus, Ansys and Nastran.
  • MSC Nastran Embedded Fatigue - An Integrated Fatigue Simulation allowing fatigue calculation to be done simultaneously with the FEM calculation (usually this is done after the FEM calculation). This benefit easily optimization of products.  

If you have any questions on the above - or if you want access to MSC One (XT) or please feel free to contact us