- coupling simulation disciplins

Multiphysics raising the bar for CAE accuracy, precision and performance

In many companies simulation is performed as an isolated activity buy a single team or engineering discipline. However, the performance, safety and reliability of their results depend to a large extent on the interplay of different engineering disciplines.

Based on more than 50 years of history, MSC Software has now provided a world-class co-simulation solution. And here are a few reasons why engineers can take advantage of our unique co-simulation technologies.

Holistic Approach

Co-simulation offers a unique opportunity to gain a more complete and holistic product insight by connecting multiple simulation disciplines.

Everything from acoustics to multibody dynamics (MBS), CFD, structural analysis and explicit crash dynamics can be linked in MSC CoSim. Se figur herunder.

Increased Accuracy & Precision

"The ability to quickly and easily look at alternatives with co-simulation at a time when we are not locked into any particular approach should make it possible to meet performance requirements with a lighter suspension that can improve the fuel economy of the vehicle."

Technical Expert at Endurance Attribute and Chassis CAE Department, Volvo

Faster Analysis Performance

"The Adams-Marc co-simulation capability more than satisfies our guideline of 'reasonable results in a reasonable time.' With up to a 90% reduction in computation time, optimization using advanced nonlinear FEA becomes practical. Such development provides a great benefit and is crucial for our product development and we are proud to work together with MSC in advancing the technology."

Chief Engineer, Litens Automotive Group

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