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June 2019 MSC Engineering Reality Magazine

07.06.2019 Now the June issue of MSC Engineering Reality Magazine is launched. This issue is packed with feature stories on BMW, NATO and Airbus Defense and Space, and many customer case studies.

MSC Nordic Conference Oct. 22nd

28.05.2019 Meet Sandvik Materials Technology, Volvo Bus, ÅF and Volvo Car Corporation. View the agenda. The Conference is aimed at CAE engineers in the Nordics who want to learn about real world experiences from different disciplines and industries.

Henrik Larsen, CEO, SimEvolution

Henrik Larsen appointed new CEO

06.05.2019 By April 1st Henrik Larsen was appointed CEO of SimEvolution. The past 13 years Henrik Larsen has been working for IPES A/S - latest as Engineering Manager.

What is Finite Element Analysis? - and how do you benefit from it?

01.03.2019 In development of mechanical products, the designers and engineers can greatly benefit from conducting Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to estimate if the product designed will break, wear out or in other ways not behave as intended.

VIA Hunters Racing wants to build a race car

22.02.2019 The team is working hard towards a common goal: building a race car in one year in order to compete aganist university teams from all over the world.

SimEvolution has entered into collaboration with Finnish based NablasLabs

13.02.2019 NablasLabs will act as a Service Provider in implementation cases related to SimManager. NablasLabs is a simulation services & solutions provider for hardware engineering companies who desire an engineering processes performance leap by virtual prototyping.

Jan. 2019 MSC Engineering Reality Magazine

08.01.2019 Get highlights of the best in CAE simulation today. This latest issue brings you exciting stories from Volkswagen, Hexagon, Pratt and Whitney, Hyundai, Renault, and many more.

Additive Manufacturing - Superior Simulation

04.12.2018 With the new version of Simufact, the simulation of 3D printed metal parts is even better. There are, among other things, opened up for increased user management and integration to the built-in 3D printer software.

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