MSC Nastran

MSC Nastran is the world's most widely used Finite Element Analysis (FEA) solver, and the primary reason why MSC Software was recognized as one of the "10 Original Software Companies" in 2011.

MSC Nastran recognized as the most credible multidisciplinary solver in the world by stress and load analyzes, dynamic vibrations and thermal gradients in real-world systems.

Our course program consists of a basic course and a number of special courses. If you have the need for special skills please let us know.

NAS101 A - MSC Nastran Basic Course

Introduction to MSC Nastran and Numerical Analysis (FEM).

  • Introduction to MSC products, focusing on Nastran
  • Introduction to Numerical Analysis (FEM)
  • Nastran input formats
  • Case control
  • Bulk data

Knowledge of statics and strength training is recommended

3 days


NAS101B - Nastran Basic Course Continued

This course is a continuation of NAS101A - linear stats and normal model analysis in MSC Nastran.

After this course you will know

  • The theory behind impact analysis and how these are performed
  • Modeling with interface element CINTC and connectors
  • Lamination theory and composite materials
  • MSC Nastran Composite Theory
  • Error Theories
  • Linear contact and permanently glued contacts
  • Different model jerseys
  • Tips and tricks for building models


2 days


NAS103 - MSC Nastran Nonlinear Analysis

Static and dynamic analysis for nonlinear materials and geometry.

  • Material Nonlinear analysis
  • Geometric nonlinear analysis
  • Material types
  • Nonlinear transient analyzes
  • Super elements

NAS101 and PAT301 or similar experience are recommended

4 days


NAS113 - Composites of Composite Materials

At this course you will learn how to use MSC.Nastran for analysis and design optimization of composite materials in practice. The examples illustrate typical applications on major subjects. The MSC Patran Composite Pre and Post Treatment is also shown.

The following topics are reviewed:

  • Intoduction for the work with composites in MSC Nastran
  • Data Entry
  • Review of the classical lamination theory
  • Composite post processing
  • Ply failure theories
  • Interlaminar displacement
  • Modal analysis on composites
  • Linear Composite Analysis
  • Optimization of composites
  • Use of composites in other solution sequences
  • Laminate models


NAS101 or equivalent


3 days


NAS120 - Linear static, self-rate and buling analysis

Introduction to linear static, self-rate and bulging analysis with MSC Nastran.

Introduction to FEM includes

  • Model structure
  • Linear static analysis
  • Natural frequency analysis
  • Bulingsanalyse
  • Reviewing input and output files
  • Earnings Presentation


Knowledge of statics and strength training is recommended.


4-5 days depending on prerequisites and wishes.


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