Engineering Services

Experienced FEA specialists at your services

With our team of experienced FEA specialists and extended access to MSC Software’s advanced solutions, we can solve a variety of tasks within engineering simulation.

Contact us if you need help to improve your product or simulation process.

Our approch

SimEvolution has a team of experienced specialists with a diversity of mechanical engineering skills. We can provide engineering services from serving as an extended flexible ressource to your project team or as consultent to specific challenges, being on products and manufacturing or simulation capability and related processes.​

Our generic approach is to address your engineering challenges by breaking it up into manageable bits and we can help to solve each of them systematically. Combining the solutions to processes that potentially may be automated with the focus to enable fast and repeated engineering.​

We have access to the full engineering simulation portfolio from MSC Software and extended access to dedicated specialists within each discipline to ensure solving critical obstacles to the largest extend.​​

Our assistance emphasizes on engineering efficiency and we may help you to work smart and speed up to become the first on the market with the best products.​

How to buy Engineering Services?

You choose whether you want to buy our services on hourly bases or you want a fixed price on a larger project.

SimEvolution's consultants can join working groups at your company and in this way transfer knowledge to your employees, or work out of SimEvolution's own office in Aarhus.

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Henrik Larsen

CEO/Engineering Manager

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Henrik Larsen

Vegar Haraldsen

Sales Manager

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Vegar Haraldsen

Henrik Møller

Application Engineer I FEA Specialist

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Henrik Møller