Simulation Management

Simulation Process and Data Management

The challenges of building innovative products expected by today’s market continue to grow dramatically.

Performance, safety, reliability, fuel efficiency, carbon emissions and regulatory requirements are just some of the challenges companies face. More than any other engineering process, simulation has taken center stage to ensure companies are able to bring great products to market.

In addition to reducing physical test, simulation allows engineers to explore design options that are impossible to physically test or are too cost prohibitive to test.

Simulation is now one of the most important assets for making the right design decisions.

The volume and complexity of the simulation data for Finite Element Analysis, Computation Fluid Dynamics and other computationally intensive methods are growing by orders of magnitude. Data volumes have increased nearly 1000 times for a typical automotive OEM over the past decade.

With SimManager from MSC Software SimEvolution offers a process and data management solution that is uniquely tuned to address simulation requirements. The system is designed to handle the volume and complexity of the simulation data for FEA, CFD and other methods.

The web-based power of SimManager ensure faster deployments, easy extension into new domains and broad scale usability. 


Smooth implentation of SimManager

To ensure a smooth implementation and setup of SimManager SimEvolution has entered into collaboration with Finnish based NablasLabs.

NablasLabs offers a framework and solution set built on pioneering experience and knowledge that is business oriented. Unlike other actors their offering addresses all problem and solution areas of a successful virtual prototyping and simulation driven design.

Read more about our collaboration with NablasLabs.

Marcus Theman, NablasLabs

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