CFD - Flow Analysis

Cradle is MSC software's new solution for simulating and analysing flow. Cradle is developed with a breadth of new technologies and simple practical features.

An intuitive user interface, ease of use and a superior solution for moving parts make it a good choice for even entry level users building complicated parts.

Easy to use

With a simple and easy to use interface, it's a joy to work with CFD.

Moving parts

Cradle solution has avery strong capabilities to handle flow in combination with moving parts.

Fast & precise

The Cradle solution is fast and yet still precise. Up to 3 times faster than other CFD tools.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Solutions from MSC Software


New & Faster

With its large capacity and simple user interface, scFLOW has been developed to become the new state-of-the-art CFD analysis tool.

scFLOW is a new product in the range of CFD tools, and it distinguishes itself with great ease of use and short calculation times.

The secret of the product is the use of polyhedral mesh and a new pre-processor with built-in wizzards that help users build even complicated models and high quality mesh in record time.

SC / Tetra

Simulating Heat Development

SC / Tetra is a general tool for simulating heat development and flow. Using hybrid mesh, surfaces are generated in a short time and with high accuracy.

SC / Tetra  in primarily used for CFD analysis in the automotive and shipbuilding industry, power plants and buildings.

SC / Tetra require relatively small memory per computation cell, and this, combined with a user-friendly interface, means that you can generate accurate simulation results on even common hardware.



Airflow Analysis

scSTREAM is used for CFD analysis of electronic applications, airflow inside and outside buildings, ventilation, etc. The program offers a wide range of applications within air conditioning and HVAC.

scSTREAM thermo fluid software has been used by the electronics and construction industry for over 30 years. Over the years, scSTREAM has been further developed with the focus on maintaining the exceptionally user-friendly interface and high computing speed.

scSTREAM's interface supports BIM 2.0. Autodesk® Revit® and GRAPHISOFT ARCHICAD, and the software has a user interface (optional), whereby the party to be analyzed can be directly selected in the BIM software.

Additionally, scSTREAM can load files in IFC format, which is standard in BIM.

Heat Designer

Analysing thermal cooling of electronic products

HeatDesigner is based on scSTREAM and specially designed for the design of thermal cooling of electronic products.

HeatDesigner offers features that target thermal design and analysis, with a simple interface and powerful performance.

HeatDesigner's performance is optimized for applications that do not require a precise representation of the geometric curvature to predict a precise flow field.

HeatDesigner is able to hold mesh with over a hundred million elements, allowing you to capture even fine geometric details.

The major advantages of using HeatDesigner is short calculation times and low memory consumption.


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