Real-time engineering problem solving

ODYSSEE is a powerful innovation platform that allows engineers to apply machine learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Reduced Order Modelling (ROM) and design optimisation to workflows. 

Benefit from modern data science technology by creating cost efficient digital twins through real-time modeling and optimization for both CAE simulation data and physical test data.

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ODYSSEE includes:

  • Machine Learning & AI
  • Statistics, Data Mining, Data Fusion
  • Optimization and Robustness
  • Process Discovery
  • Image Recognition and Compression

ODYSSEE is available in two versions. ODYSSEE A-Eye and ODYSSEE CAE.


​ODYSSEE CAE enhances your knowledge by answering complex engineering questions in real-time that would otherwise take hundreds of hours to simulate and analyze. With only a few previous CAE simulations, ODYSSEE predicts, optimizes, and robustly generates accurate results in real-time. ODYSSEE CAE produces full-time history outputs, including complete CAE analysis with detailed post-processing of results.

ODYSSEE CAE is applicable to all design and engineering applications and is both software and physics independent.  It employs algebraic or machine learning solutions for reducing the volume of data while preserving the most important parts of the information contained within the data.  This is commonly done via decomposition or machine learning or other efficient data fusion techniques.  Such techniques allow for creating on-board and real-time applications based on existing experimental or simulation results.  Typical applications are optimization, parametric sensitivity analysis and robustness.

Rethinking Design COST (Computing, Optimization, Simulation and Time)


ODYSSEE CAE reduces the effective number of CPU intensive computations, replacing them with real-time equivalents capable of being run on small size laptops.


Combining optimization and learning to provide very precise surrogate models that can 
be employed at very low computing cost allows ODYSSEE CAE to perform very robust optimization by allowing for thousands of runs in seconds or minutes.


ODYSSEE CAE establishes the missing link, combining learning from experiments and results from simulations.  This improves the performance, the precision, and the feasibility of simulation-based engineering.


ODYSSEE CAE is based on real-time computing; therefore, you need little-computing effort for parametric studies and optimization, exploring new horizons in data science to capture the most important part of the solution, leaving the details to more elaborate and CPU intensive computing, optimization, and simulation technology.


ODYSSEE A-Eye allows you to create your own AI application based on image data, sensor data, scalars, labels, curves, and CAD data as inputs and then predicts responses using the known data of your system. This insight enables designers and production technicians to explore the design space more extensively and interactively and improve next-generation products without prohibitive computing cost or time.

You can customize your AI applications using the ODYSSEE A-Eye engine by defining the descriptive variables and results.  Once the A-Eye engine has learned the problem, it can then predict the result in real-time for new descriptive inputs. 

ODYSSEE A-Eye can also perform intelligent data compression on images (best possible compression rate), while keeping as much as possible the useful information. 

Exampel of simulation with ODYSSEE A-Eye.


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