- the fastest and most robust fatigue solution on the market today!

CAEfatigue is a Finite Element Based Solution for Fatigue, Durability & Random Response Testing. It is the fastest and most robust fatigue solution on the market today.

CAEfatigue is a random response and vibration fatigue solver for the frequency domain plus a fatigue solver for the time domain. It works with mixed random and deterministic loadings or standard time domain-based loadings to provide fatigue life and damage predictions, as well as several forms of response statistics.

CAEfatigue is exceptionally fast, easy-to-use and capable of handling very large models.

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CAEfatigue - fatigue analysis for non-experts

Traditionally response analysis, fatigue analysis, and the use of a graphical interface has required expert skills. CAEfatigue aims to change this.

Two interfaces to the software are available – a Control File, text-based interface is provided for the advanced Users to help rapidly create an input control file that is needed to run an analysis. Many variables are either used in default mode or are automatically calculated based on an understanding of the system being analyzed.

Also available is a Process Flow graphical-based interface, provided to help novice users quickly gain an understanding of the technology without the need to understand the structured format of the control file interface. The interface is simple and intuitive to use.

Included in the MSC One Licensing Package

If you have the MSC One licensing package, you already have access to CAEfatigue’s suite of capabilities. Frequency, Random and Time are all available via MSC One. Simply download the software, follow the built-in video training tutorials, and begin your fatigue simulation using the same tokens you use for other MSC Software tools.

Includes a Full Training Library for New Users

From the HELP menu of the software, you can access more than 100 hours of video training material from beginner level to advanced level making technology transfer easy.

Why choose CAEfatigue?

  • CAEfatigue processes models from multiple sources including MSC Nastran, NX Nastran, Abaqus, Ansys and Optistruct.
  • CAEfatigue processes very large models (Tb+).
  • CAEfatigue allows the use of unlimited multiple correlated inputs and includes accurate calculation of the cross-correlation influences between inputs.
  • CAEfatigue allows the inputs to be mixed loading.
  • CAEfatigue provides advanced equivalent stress modelling.
  • CAEfatigue uses Running Sum Technology that allows for very fast analysis.
  • CAEfatigue is so fast that you can do Design Of Experiments by running hundreds of jobs in quick succession.
  • CAEfatigue allows the use of typical automotive materials (e.g. Strain-Life and Stress-Life) and mean stress corrections in the same analysis.
  • CAEfatigue will produce both random response statistics and fatigue results in a single executed analysis.

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