- coupling simulation disciplines

Multiphysics are raising the bar for CAE accuracy, precision, and performance.

In many companies simulation is performed as an isolated activity by a single team or engineering discipline. However, the performance, safety and reliability of their results depend to a large extent on the interaction between different engineering disciplines.

Based on more than 50 years of history, MSC Software has now provided a world-class co-simulation solution. Here are a few reasons why engineers can take advantage of this unique co-simulation technology.

Holistic Approach

Co-simulation offers a unique opportunity to gain a completer and more holistic product insight by connecting multiple simulation disciplines.

Everything from acoustics to multibody dynamics (MBS), CFD, structural analysis and crash simulations can be linked in MSC Co-Sim. Se this figure:

Increased Accuracy & Precision

"The ability to quickly and easily look at alternatives with co-simulation at a time when we are not locked into any particular approach should make it possible to meet performance requirements with a lighter suspension that can improve the fuel economy of the vehicle."

Technical Expert at Endurance Attribute and Chassis CAE Department, Volvo

Faster Analysis Performance

"The Adams-Marc co-simulation capability more than satisfies our guideline of 'reasonable results in a reasonable time.' With up to a 90% reduction in computation time, optimization using advanced nonlinear FEA becomes practical. Such development provides a great benefit and is crucial for our product development and we are proud to work together with MSC in advancing the technology."

Chief Engineer, Litens Automotive Group

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