Popular FEM Pre/Post processor

Patran is a widespread pre/post-processing software for Finite Element Analysis (FEA). Patran enables modeling, meshing, and analysis settings for MSC Nastran and Marc.

Are you working to create and analyze virtual prototypes? Then you proberly  have a number of boring, time-consuming tasks including CAD geometry translation, geometry cleanup, manual meshing processes. 

Patran offers a rich set of tools that streamlines the analysis of models so that they are ready for soloists in linear, nonlinear dynamic explicit dynamic and heat, etc.

Patran makes it easy for everyone to create FE models

Mesh is easily created on surfaces and solids, using fully automatic meshing routines (including hex meshing) and manual methods that provide more control - or combinations of both.

Finally, mass, border conditions, and analysis setup for the most popular FE solvers are built-in, which minimizes the need to edit the input files.

The possibilities in Patran ensure that your virtual prototype work provides a quick result, so you can evaluate the product's performance and design in relation to the requirements set.

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